It is annoying as we do not know Steve Jobs well beside knowing him had contributed a lot of effort by lifting the "apple" and i-products by blazing a trial that changed technology and the world, now and forever by providing our modern life at ease (in some and many ways). Hence, in <JOBS>, the most admirable and influential Jobs, a complex figure were not being introduced a man could be so beloved yet such a bastard (perhaps that's true). In fact, <JOBS> is one of the many worst cursory biopics, a famous person's life story needs time to research for the best essence from all aspects with more insights but this Jobs ain't that jobs, so much lacking of inspiration but only let his fans find out that is he actually a real bastard. We are not fan of Jobs but yet finding out more about him through <JOBS> for not acting as a nice chap was indeed a definite. The movie shows more of Jobs' boardroom wrangle and conspiracy more than his invention who changes our daily life. The only one scene that strike our eyes when Jobs made a furious call to Bill Gate from Microsoft in demand for whatever it takes for Jobs to gain back what he deserved. Asthon Kutcher has a shadow of Jobs but only in a few angles and once again you could see Kutcher was trying to hard to imitate all jobs' gesture in disguise. <JOBS> couldn't deliver and offer what the audience want by knowing a more insightful life of this influential figure. Director Joshua Micheal Stern is responsible for it, totally.

Rating : 2.5/5

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