VULCAIN @ Un été à Champéry

Champéry is a magnificent mountain village in the Canton of Valais. Its single main road is lined with chalets typical of the Val d’Illiez. Their imposing facades conceal a wealth of mountain-style and modern interiors, a discreet luxury cherished by a well-heeled clientele with a preference for a humble, simple approach to life. Champéry is indeed a destination where modesty, respect and discretion reign supreme, thereby making it an unspoilt place, a true gem at the foot of the Dents du Midi. The Vulcain watch manufacturer now pays tribute to it with a limited series of 23 exceptional timepieces. Their pink gold cases frame dials that are entirely hand-crafted by artisans mastering the centuries-old tradition of Grand Feu champlevé enamelling. The steeple and the main street of the village are so meticulously depicted that it takes a watchmaker’s eyepiece to appreciate each and every detail.The history of  Vulcain is also intimately bound up with the mountains, since from the 1930s onwards, the sales representatives of the brand from La Chaux-de-Fonds began placing its watches on the wrists of experienced sportsmen. In 1945, a team of 14 Italian alpinists including Walter Bonatti, one of the country’s most famous mountaineers, set off to conquer the second highest peak in the world, the K2 (8,620 metres high).Today, the path of Champéry symbolically crosses that of Vulcain with a limited edition of 23 exceptional timepieces. The number 23 was chosen in honour of the steeple and bell on which work began in 1723. The church, which is depicted on the dial, is indeed the soul of the village, the place where its inhabitants and tourists gather to pray together and to celebrate various milestones in the lives of parishioners. Somewhat like a church bell, the striking of the Vulcain Cricket calibre punctuates the passing of time and provides a daily reminder of our obligations. It was thus the perfect medium for this celebration.

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