HERMÈS @ AW2013 Shoes & Accessories Presentation

Welcome, and feel free to enter the world of Hermès AW2013 shoes and accessories presentation which was held recently. A "one-to-one" size of skiing mountain and cottage was built in the heart of the city in Hong Kong to showcase the brand's AW2013 collection and spirit : A Sporty Life. There was only one world to describe the set - phenomenal!
The PATCH Giant Sacrf in Vintage Silk quivers with colour, vibrates with varied designs, and surprises with its size. Made of four hand-rolled 70 scarves in vintage silk sewn together with silk thread, it comes in two versions that mix and match seasonal designs. Available in navy and gold, and multicolour.
Balles de golf II 70 sporty scarf in vintage silk celebrates the Hermès theme for 2013. Flat-frame printed on vintage silk and over-locked with a wide trim, this scarf plays with stripes of two different widths. Maillons de Joël Stein 90 scarf in silk twill, A student of Fernand Léger and co-founder of the 1960s group Grav (Groupe de recherche d’art visuel), Joël Stein is a master of kinetic art. He plays with geometry, optical illusions and new technology, inviting the spectator to become the agent of his or her own perception. On silk, the artist weaves links into a hypnotic seamless spiral.
Hat in lambskin and velvet, this is a wonderfully feminine cloche, featuring a rounded crown with stitched sections and a narrow brim lined with velvet. Hat in lambskin and printed silk - The driving scarf escapes from the Hermès archives and inspires dreams. This hat in lambskin, lined with silk printed with the Maillons de Joël Stein design, can also be worn as a scarf thanks to its long tails.
Hermès  SPORTY Twilly in silk twill is a modern and playful twilly in two materials featuring the Hermès Sport design on one side and striped silk knit on the other. Lively and spirited, it perfectly illustrates the Hermès theme for 2013: A Sporting Life.
An extremely pure high boot is suede goatskin. The silhouette with its sharp lines is reinforced by monochrome leather, invisible seams and a leather-covered wedge heel. Also, a new equestrian-inspired look for this smooth calfskin boot.Fashion steps in stride with hunting. It’s all in the details: sturdy heel, laces and leather buckle strap boot in calfskin.
Monochrome mega-wide bracelets in enamel play with infinite shades of red, drawing on a rich palette of designs inspired by iconic Hermès scarves: Colliers de chiens, Hermès Sport, Nouveau Rocabar and Carré Cube. Convoyeur bag in Barénia calfskin Inspired by security cash bags, this new model showcases all the house’s know-how: beading, polished flaps and piping, and saddle-stitched encasing. Tall and roomy, this bag has an unlined interior, revealing the pure beauty of raw leather, and a wide opening thanks to a metal hinge decorated with a clou de selle. Its indexed mechanical hinge clasp is a feat of expert silverwork
Constanc e Cartable bag in Box calfskin Reinterpreted in 29 cm, a long forgotten size revived this season, this beautiful new Constance presents the roomy generosity of a satchel and is perfect for everyday use. Its shorter strap allows for it to be carried in the hand, whilst its inlaid hasps and clasp add a discreet and elegant touch. Luggage tags in Swift calfskin and cotton strap is a creation of the petit h workshop, these tags embody the true spirit of travel. Playing with colour combinations, it makes each bag
an instantly recognizable and unique object.
Boots in oily calfskin with its thick treaded rubber sole set atop a double leather sole, this ankle boot is designed for mountain getaways. A sporty model emphasized by orange lining and orange laces. To celebrate the Hermès theme for 2013, timeless “heavy twill” spices things up with a sporty touch. Its label reveals the hidden meaning of its graphic motif with the same poetic humour we know and love: snowboarding, show jumping, table football, and marathon running.
The Calèche-Express range expands with the arrival of a new canvas-and-leather combination. Developed especially for the occasion, Cristobal taurillon provides optimal resistance to the extreme conditions of long journeys. Original and unexpected colours give the range modern and dynamic accents. An ideal luggage partner, the Victoria holdall is even lighter now, with its ultra-fine Tech Mini toile H, and inaugurates a new assembly that highlights the Clémence taurillon.

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