Indeed, the best never rest but what we meant here is the impeccable casts. <RED 2> is still a likable film with high-octane action-comedy. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough laughter burst out from the audiences in the hall that we were in, it was either they don't understand or appreciate those good lines that  was made or they were just numb without any sense of humor. Opps, we didn't see this coming....as one of the lines being used a few times in the film! Indeed, they are the RED TEAM, Retired and Extremely Dangerous and talented and yet with lots of good humor and sparks in between each other. Not forgetting their intense secret weapons. Besides, the film is scenic enough take us around the most wanted-to-be cities for a mission, Paris, London, Moscow, Hong Kong and more on a quick orientation sightseeing tours with a few destroyers here and there. Ontgunned and outmanned, they have only their cunning wits with their old-school skills and with each other to rely on while they try to save the world and themselves to stay alive......in the process.

Rating : 3/5

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