FENDI @ Neverwinter Tale

 FENDI presents <Neverwinter Tale> fashion film capturing the essence of the FW 2013/14 Men’s Collection inspired by the big chill and the adversities of outdoor life. A high-impact visual exercise, a customized edgy soundtrack and innovative editing are the main ingredients of this eye-catching film that raises the moody dimension of the Fendi Men’s presentation in January.
 Framed by a deep blue setting, the protagonist is an artic-bound wanderer who braves the bitter cold, represented by curls of fog, snowstorms and downpours, in slow motion movements until the wind drops and he is finally free. Throughout, the camera zooms in and out to highlight the plush textures and details of a fur-bordered coat, an oiled leather jacket, a jacquard knit and the coarse surface of outwear in organic or icy colors.  
 Neverwinter tale is a simple yet incisive film that further underlines the collection’s idea of big chill while spotlighting its cuts, silhouettes, details and fabrics. The perfect balance between the images, the slow-motion, the music and the dramatic lighting were studied to keep the viewer intrigued,” says Silvia Venturini Fendi. 

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