Daft Punk @ Random Access Memories

Daft Punk's 4th album studio release <Random Access Memories> is dazzling. After 8 years since their 2005's album <Human After All> and 2010's <Tron: Legacy> OST, fans were starved for their new material. The 2013's <Random Access Memories> is perhaps the best album in their career that's already redefined their sci-fi fantasy dance music with a hint of the 70's & 80's disco synthesizer (in which they do best) yet the sound of future. Simply mind-blower. Don't the album title <Random Access Memories> already had implied the message from the future? <Get Lucky> featuring guest vocalist Pharrell Williams is one of the tantalizing clips of a new single and separate themselves from the most contemporary/pop electronic music is made and infused with their very own style of sounds without samples. Yet, they are not the ABBA, they are dynamic electronic duo Daft Punk. The album is full of Daft Punk's soul and spirit brimming with an uncommon musicality, the rhythm, the melodies and the sonic is a nostalgia and classic suave. Personal favorite is where the producer shares his definitive moments and thoughts on track 3 <Giorgio by Moroder> about their music making with a background sound of wild guitar and synth solo trailing. It created an alternative modish music avatar for everyone to make it sweat and sticky to the dance floor. <Random Access Memories> has certainly paid the lavish homage to the 70's and 80's with terrific showcases in this album. You may need to play a little catch up if you were not born in that era to enjoy the futuristic music with soul and freedom, perhaps, it's about time for you to build a better relationship with your mom and dad to get the essence out of it. Indeed, try harder!! 

Rating : 4.5/5

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