Jean Paul Gaultier @ The Girl & The Sailor Guy

 Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance THE GIRL AND THE SAILOR GUY embarks on a new romantic adventure! This fall, for the first time, they both wear the iconic sailor’s jersey, the key piece in Jean Paul Gaultier apparel. An overt film reference for Gaultier, Fassbinder’s obscure sailor character Querelle is an endless source of inspiration to the couturier. Very early on, Jean Paul Gaultier embraced sailor garb and uniform standards in his designs, enjoying breaking the rules with every collection. The sun is just rising, and sailor Le Male has already whisked his lady away to distant horizons. This time, the sailor will not be bidding farewell to the young lady on the dock, as he has made a sailor of her too! About the fantasy surrounding the sailor, Gaultier says, “with their tattoos, sailors encapsulate the bad boy image, the quasi-Casanova with a mistress or lover in every port, which I quite like!” 
The classical sailing design of the bottle - The lady now dons a similar sailor’s jersey, which adorns the iconic bottles: hers for the first time in white and blue, her lover’s in blue and white. The two of them are united by the bright red, heart-shaped tattoos on their chests, a symbol of their indisputable bond. The can designs also take on the marine motif. Retaining their metal finish, they wear the sailor’s jersey as well, sporting a fiery red-hot love tattoo. The legendary “Classique” composition stays faithful to its Eau de toilette version: a sensual, sexy scent blending rose and orange blossom with spicy notes of ginger and vanilla. More sailor than ever, the “Le Male” Eau de toilette also retains its original sillage with sensual virile notes of lavender, mint and vanilla.

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