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Fragrance has the power to evoke strong emotions when wearing it but how do you know what's your perfect scent? Award winning nationally ranked Canadian professional in the beauty industry, Danny Ventura from Beauté Prestige International as their International Communication and Retail Development Manager has the answer to help you to discover the mysterious power of fragrance to find your perfect fragrance scent that suits you. The trilingual Ventura held a <Discover Your Scent> in Hong Kong recently and spent a one-on-one session with us to discover the scent that suits us all. mylifestylenews reports.  

Before I started my career with  Beauté Prestige International, I was involved in many other jobs. From Visual Merchandising Arts & Business Communication to Certified Fragrance Sales Specialist, Aromatherapist, Master Cutter/Stylist/Colorist at Vidal Sassoon, Redken International, Schwarzkopf International, L'Oreal International and Senior Makeup Artist in Mira Linder. Everything changes I made was related to beauty and I am glad I can be able to be surrounded by it.

As a International Communication and Retail Development manager, I am responsible for providing global leadership for the National Trainers of front-line sales and beauty consultants for the Gaultier, Miyake, Rodriguez and Saab lines of fragrances and body products.

When you pick you fragrance, the first thought you must have is to be happy or you are about to go a happy place like a wedding or a party or even to meet someone that you like. With that emotional thought, chances of picking the fragrance that suits you are higher and that is the very beginning step.

A scent is very personal, in order to pick a scent that suit you, first of all, you have to like to scent that you pick when recommended. 

If you are still skeptical for what you desire, spray the chosen one onto your skin and have a walk around and let the scent embrace you and then decide later if that is what you wanted.

Our nose have all access to every scent but yet may have "limited access" to different scents that appeal to us in the shortest of time. For example, when you are trying a few fragrances or new scent before deciding what what you would like, you nose may have enough inhale to notify or to identify what suit and what's not. After 3 to 4 different scents being inhale, you may begin to lose the sensitivity, some may let you smell on some coffee beans before you could try on with others. But the best way is to smell on your own skin for a few seconds- the skin that have not have being in touched with any fragrance. Then, you may continue to try the different scent. It is more appropriate to use such method as our cleaned skin is closer to none or a pure scent before a new scent is to be applied on us.

We wear fragrance is because we would like to maximize the amount of exposure and sensibility to others. Different scents represents different characters and the distinctive character of such will also bring out the best scent in one.

Scent is very personal and it involves in our life, it is emotional, it is powerful and peaceful. It certainly changes the way you feel towards things and even to a person.

A man may like to have a scent to show their masculinity and a woman would prefer to have a scent that showing their femininity and sexiness to attract others.

A Sport fragrance derived from the classic fragrance is mainly a marketing thing. It is an additional version for their customer who is loyal to the brand and it helps to build a stronger commitment to the product. 

Scent is an invisible accessory, you need to have different suitable scent to suit different day and time as well as the occasion. If you pick the right one, it could help to show the best character in you and attract others.

Fragrance connect to people through conversation and create friendship and a status with the power to bring people closer.

If you have found the right fragrance that suits you best, do stick with it but at the same time be opened to others new scents that may inspires you from time to time as your scent sensitivity could change from time to time when you grow.

"My first owned fragrance was the Jovan Musk Men fragrance from Canada."

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