2/3 Dolci Debut Chocolate Cookie Mooncake

2/3 Dolci Debut 85% Chocolate Cookie Mooncake featuring 85% French Dark Chocolate in White Bean Paste. In a Chocolate Cookie Crust chocolate cookie crust mooncakes is filled with voluptuous white bean paste and encrusted with 85% dark chocolate chip. The crunchy cookie crust is nothing traditional and full of chocolate flavour. Once you bite into it, the soft white bean paste does not only deliver a fresh and layered aroma, it is also a healthier option than the traditional lotus seed paste. The 85% dark chocolate coverture, now cut into chips, is from France, consistent with 2/3 Dolci’s belief in using the best gourmet ingredient in its products, be it pastry, gelato, beverage or moon cake. Comes in a minimal blue and brown packaging and finished with the brand’s iconic orange band, the 4-piece mooncake gift box is ideal for gift-giving or sharing amongst friends and loved ones.

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