Thomas Sabo @ AW2013 New Glam & Soul Collection

Thomas Sabo AW2013 New Glam & Soul Collection is the continuation from the SS2013 collection after sparkling with the tricolour creation that demonstrates the natural harmony of pure silver, silver plated in yellow gold and silver plated in rose gold. This new Glam & Soul collection for its signature Sterling Silver series showing off new facets of silver to an even greater extent.
The new Love Knot series in Sterling silver and rose gold plating are dedicated to the most beautiful symbol of love and fortune. My rings are enchanting, delicate tricolour rings, which can be stacked or worn on their own to create maximum glamour impact. An opulently-glittering heart eagerly anticipates to being opened to reveal its charming content. Cute little bears and delicate bows unite the classic and the playful in a tongue-in-cheek manner, while feathers, angels and wings lend the look a romantic touch. This season, THOMAS SABO celebrates the new opulence with a combination of gold-plated Arabesque pendants accompanied by rose quartz.
Remarkably, Thomas Sabo is celebrating the revival of ear cuff with elegant attitude in  this new season. Being the absolutely essential fashion pieces of the 1980s, ear cuff is now experiencing a renaissance in silver, rose or yellow gold plating and in various styles. Susanne Kölbli, Creative Director is also thrilled to share her favourite piece. " personally take great pleasure in the fashionable revival of ear cuff, as I used to love wearing this highly-expressive item of jewellery back in the 1980s. My favourite: an ear piece combining an ear cuff with a feather earring by means of a filigree chain. “In keeping with the brand’s fabulous Glam & soul collection, the new watch designs also reflect the tricolour trend. Above all, they are however exquisite and classic timepieces, which functionally and elegantly adapt to any look with their minimalist design."
Poppy Delevingne, the top British model and internationally celebrated style icon, continues to be the brand ambassador for the Women’s GLAM & SOUL Collections with her youthful twist and seductive charm. Impressed by the newly designed jewelry pieces, Poppy further interprets the new Collection delightly, “The theme throughout the collection is love. Simply irresistible golden feathers are symbols of a very hippie, romantic, almost ethereal love while beautifully designed Love knots reflect a never ending, truly romantic love story. Funky, flexible teddy bears add the extra but charming sparkle and a largely collection of eye-catching dazzling rings - the eternal symbol of love in any colour, shape and design. There is something here for everyone.”

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