Terry de Gunzburg @ TERRYFIC OUD

  Terry de Gunzburg 2013 new fragrance TERRYFIC OUD takes on the Oud Wood, a very "on-trend" note in the world of Haute Perfumery. A mysterious, sombre, intriguing and powerful ingredient which has carved its place in the olfactory universe. This captivating perfume was created in Grasse by Jean-Michel Santorini from Robertet. It focuses on exceptional natural raw materials including the highly-prized woody, resinous and balsamic Oud Wood whose smoky fragrance crafts it with originality. As top notes, sparklingly fresh Calabrian bergamot features delicious red berries, bursting with flavour combined with exquisitely sweet raspberry. The soft, floral heart is generous with a shimmering bouquet of rose and iris seasoned with noble spices such as saffron or more sensual cumin. The base notes ensure that the fragrance blossoms : sweet , creamy and milky sandalwood, invigorating Atlas cedar, intriguing papyrus, majestic patchouli and of course, heady Oud Wood. Cistus labdanum, castoreum, amber and musk complete this luxurious composition. A trail that the perfumer wanted to be "exceptionally rich in woody and amber notes". The emblematic solid glass bottle is a work of art. A rounded cube, crowned with a metal drop as if made of liquid gold. The golden plate onto which the name of the perfume is engraved bears an oriental graphic designed by Terry de Gunzburg herself. The outer coral packaging is textured with "good luck rice grains" and embossed with a golden circle suspended above a golden base. The smoky amber juice, like an elixir for the skin, releases its rosy velvet smoothness capturing the senses. a name that is mischievous and bold.

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