Hysan Place At Lee Gardens Celebrates 1st Anniversary @ “MOMENTS OF JOY”

Hysan Place at Lee Gardens celebrates its 1st Anniversary on the 10th August 2013. The 450,000 square-foot mall is the fashion, cultural and dining landmark, delivering an exceptional shopping experience through a selection of over 120 international brand boutiques and restaurants, some of which made their Hong Kong debuts at Hysan PlaceTo mark its 1st Anniversary and to cheer up the local urban dwellers in today’s high-pressure society, Hysan Place is launching a “MOMENTS OF JOY” celebration, starting from 5 August, with an aim to spread some joy through fun-laden giant game consoles and installations, delightful privileges and a heartwarming fund raiser. The title of the event perfectly echoes the passion of the mall: infusing positive and optimistic vibes into the community by delivering fun, relaxed and joyful moments to all.
“MOMENTS OF JOY” features interactive games on a mega LED wall, plus installations alongside a fun-laden 3D Walking Gallery spanning various floors of the mall. Over 10,000 gifts will be distributed, including daily giveaways from brands offered through the Lee Gardens Mobile App and the 1st Anniversary limited-edition badges. The joyous journey starts at the Kai Chiu Road Entrance of Hysan Place with the giant media wall on the façade. The game will take place hourly from 5:30pm to 10:30pm every day during the event period.
Lee Gardens Mobile App can be downloaded to join the “Fun Voyage” interactive game on the app’s “MOMENTS OF JOY” page, and enjoy a chance to win one of the 10,000-plus gifts offered by the fashion, culture and gourmet stores at Hysan Place. A mega LED wall is installed at the atrium on the first floor, offering engaging interactive games such as “PIXELATOR”, which transforms players into Pixel Men and “upgrade” to tailor-made and funny game characters. Other games include “PIXEL PARK”, a game for players to interact with other digital characters, and “PIXEL EGG DROP” for players to collect virtual golden eggs and turn them into happy birds. 
In addition, the anniversary celebration will also see different venues in Hysan Place transforming into a marvelous 3D Walking Gallery. The opt arts showcased on the first, third, fifth, seventh and twelfth floors which are ready to lead viewers to an extraordinary journey through a secret garden of illusions to a sky-high vantage to look over the ephemeral cityscape, or to explore a tranquil secret garden in the hustle-bustle city. Everyone is invited to hunt for hidden pieces of electronic puzzles in the 3D Walking Gallery with the “MOMENTS OF JOY” functionality of the Lee Gardens Mobile App. Gather any 5 pieces out of 7 from the opt arts gallery and you can be the proud owner of the whole set (15 pieces) of Hysan Place 1st Anniversary limited-edition badges, given away on a first come first served basis!
An innovative donation machine is installed at Hysan Place to share your love. Donations of HK$10, HK$20, HK$50 or HK$100 will power the unique story-telling donation machine, and donors will get to hear about the vision of Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation. One can also take a free photo as they set the donation in motion. Wu Zhi Qiao project provides Hong Kong and Mainland China student volunteers with service learning opportunity to reach out to distant and underprivileged areas of Mainland China. They can build footbridges and village facilities with the villagers, and launch small scale village enrichment projects according to local needs.

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