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Biotherm Blue Therapy extends its signature firming, anti-dark spot, anti wrinkle breakthrough treasure from the sea and unveils its new anti-aging secret completing the Blue Therapy range: BLUE THERAPY CREAM. Through an exclusive study, our Research Laboratories have quantified the ratio of aging signs that are acquired (especially UV - the main cause of accelerated aging) versus chronological to obtain a remarkable result: 80% of signs of aging are due to external factors and can be avoided.
<BLUE THERAPY SERUM> is a highly-concentrated in algae and plankton extracts, this nutritive, brilliant white gold elixir is imbued with luxurious reflective mother-of-pearl hues leaving the skin radiant. Highly-penetrative, its fresh, aqueous texture melts into the skin, leaving a hydrating film on its surface. After 4 hours, tonicity increases by 28,8%, firmness by 14,8% and extensibility by 10,3%. After 4 weeks, skin feels more tightened and more toned for 91% of women as well as firmer for 89% of them. Complexion looks more radiant for 94% and skin smoother for 97%. <BLUE THERAPY EYE> The eye zone attracts 27% of the face’s attention and is the preferential area for age perception. The eye, before any other facial feature, requires specific anti-aging skincare: BLUE THERAPY EYE enriched with a specific dark-circle fading association, to combat 6 aging signs across the extended eye zone. After one application, skin firmness increases by 14% and tonicity by 25%. After 4 weeks, skin looks more radiant for 100% of women, the eye contour is brighter and dark circles are reduced for 94% of women. The number of wrinkles is reduced by 16% and their total surface by 17%.
Enriched by the Blue Therapy secret association of actives extracted from aquatic life forms, our biologists have tailored a new magical response to firmness, darkness and wrinkles: <BLUE THERAPY CREAM> is a 100% of women who tried it found Blue Therapy cream pleasant to use. This opulent cream massages softly into the skin, leaving a fresh, comfortable, hydrating film and a luxuriously hydrated sensation. Skin looks revitalized for 98% of women and their overall skin’s appearance looks improved for 93%. After 4 weeks, skin looks smoother for 84% of women, more luminous for 79% and feels denser for 86%. After 8 weeks, these results increased even more with skin looking smoother for 86% of women, more luminous for 84% and denser for 96%.

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