W Hong Kong Presents "Russian Royale" x Kusmi Tea Afternoon Tea

W Hong Kong Presents "Russian Royale" x Kusmi Tea Afternoon Tea at WOOBAR featuring Russian Afternoon premium tea selections from Kusmi Tea. Originating from Russia and famous for its edgy concept, Kusmi Tea is a high-quality tea brand that is well-loved by many A-list stars.  Indulge yourself in over 10 new types of desserts in the weekday Afternoon T Set and weekend Afternoon T Buffet plus 5 brand new tea choices from Kusmi Tea. Taking Kusmi Tea’s roots in Russia as inspiration, Culinary Director Chef Alain Allaire brings innovation to the fore by adding a creative twist to traditional Russian treats, such as vodka, zakuski, Russian beets, Russian king crab and even Russian dolls.

The White Caviar and Vodka Cup Cake is an excellent example. Chef Alain mixes milky white chocolate with caviar and dashes of vodka, bringing the two famous Russian ingredients together in a delightful and enticing way. Speaking of creativity, the Russian Doll Cookies tops it all. This spectacular ladyfinger takes the shape of a Russian Doll, with the pastry chefs handcrafting each of them. Thanks to this, a fun and appealing visual impact is created.

The Russian Potato Salad has Salmon Roe Caviar added inside. Its fresh seafood taste takes one of the country’s favorite dishes to another level, making the after-taste more palatable and lingering. Another mouth-watering item, Traditional Russian Blinis, has a delectable combination of toppings – sour cream and caviar. Such a flavorsome selection serves as an appetizing contrast to the tender and mellow taste of Russian Blinis made of egg-white, giving a delicious blast to the taste buds. Other items include Pickled Green Tomato and Russian King Crab, Picked Mushroom Zakuski, Russian Beets and Walnut with Cured Salmon, Smoked Mackerel and Horseradish Club, Ptichye Moloko Cake, Russian Napoleon Honey Cake, Apple Sharlotka Walnut Cake, Russian Ponchiki Doughnuts and more.

You can enjoy 2 out of 5 Kusmi teas for free when savoring the Afternoon Tea Sets or Buffets – the Russian teas Anastasia, Russian Morning N˚24, St Petersburg, Prince Vladimir and healthy tea Detox. Amongst all, its signature Russian tea, Anastasia, is a must-try! A blend of teas from China, Sri Lanka and India flavored with natural extracts of bergamot, lemon and orange blossom, is a recipe inspired by the myth of Grand Duchess Anastasia, daughter of Tsar Nicolas II (Romanoff dynasty), who disappeared in mysterious circumstances. The other recommendation is St Petersburg. Created for the 300-year celebration of the city of St Petersburg, where Kusmi Tea’s history began in 1867, St Petersburg is a delicious mixture of Earl Grey, caramel, and red fruits with a hint of vanilla. Promotion ends 31st October 2015.

WOOBAR Afternoon T Set
Time: Monday – Friday, 2:30pm – 6:00pm
Price: HK$418 + 10% for two

WOOBAR Afternoon T Buffet
Time: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, 2pm – 4pm and 4:30pm – 6:30pm
Price: HK$268 + 10% per adult / HK$134 + 10% per child under 12

Enquiries / Reservations: woobar.hk@whotels.com or 3717 2889.
Venue: WOOBAR, 6/F W Hong Kong

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