It is time of the year again for the summer blockbuster hits the cinema and fans of Tom Cruise shall get ready to strap yourselves into those seats and enjoy the thrill of watching MI5, thanks to the almost non-stop trailers throughout various social media channels. Yes, it has arrived with an expected BANG!, but the thrills and spills are not as exciting as the last few instalments of this franchise.

Tom Cruise still looks as young as ever and then there is that stunt hanging from a cargo plane door that he did himself apparently, with only a thin wire attached for safety, while he clings onto a taxiing plane that becomes airborne! Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames are all backed and add their touches of humour that we have come to love in all the previous films. The plot is quite straight forward: the mission (Impossible) team is to be disbanded by the CIA for being too rogue in their quest to save the world and meanwhile there is a rogue nation team that nobody believes exists which is out to kill Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise). Throw in an attractive double agent IIsa (Rebecca Furgerson) – you never really sure which team she is playing on, as she is also in survival mode every second she lives and you have all the usual ingredients.

The locations are as far flung as the global spy network is wide, so think the USA as a base, and then Morocco and England as the main places of interest for this film. There is an amazing action sequence where Hunt has to jump into an underwater chamber to switch a computer programme card so that his team mate doesn’t get tasered to death while infiltrating a secretive subterranean storage facility that holds the key to all the plot twists. Robotic arms can potentially kill him as they fly around at great speeds, but as always, he saves the day at that moment in time. You also get to enjoy Puccini’s Turandot at the Vienna Opera momentarily while assignation plots unfold and Hunt does his best not to throw any dead bodies onto the stage during a key aria.

 There is a thrilling motorbike chase and a bunch of baddies who never seem to die until the last moment. MI5 is still very entertaining, but there is not the big action packed cliffhanger scene that all the other films have created with thrilling cinematography to end the film. The final ‘chase’ scene is a little anti-climactic, but the good guys win and the baddies are dealt with accordingly, with the usual implausible things falling into place just as the characters predicted they would.

All in all, it is a still quite an entertaining film that creates some thrilling scenes of action in some great visual locations and the usual self-deprecating humour we have come to love from all the leads.

Rating: 3/5

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