BIOTHERM HOMME Introduces Total Recharge Moisturizer

BIOTHERM HOMME introduces Total Recharge Moisturizer that is proven with anti-fatigue effect on over-worked, over-tired & partied our skin. To demonstrate its anti-fatigue efficacy, total recharge non-stop moisturizer fatigue reducer was tested on 55 men in Bangkok, whose lifestyles leave them tired. Prone to sleeping problems with at least half working in excess of 10-hours a day and with extra professional activities, sport, cultural activity at least twice a week. Half of whom skip meals, men who sleep six hours on average. After  4 weeks, a significant reduction of underneath eye wrinkles, shown as a descriptive sign of fatigue and a significant improvement of tired look/drawn features. It will gives tired skin the rested look of four hours sleep together with smoothing and re-tightening polymer charges. Associated with the freshness of Mint Hydrolate, non-stop Hydration Fatigue signs Reducer's cool gel texture is the perfect antidote to sleep-deprived skin smoothing away drowsiness, skin looks toned and re-energized.

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