REDValentino Pre Fall 2015 Collection

REDValentino collection is a mindset and an attitude. A character that is unconventional and mischievous, dreamy yet sensual. Mash up is her credo and mix-up her modus operandi. She turns reality into imagination, and vice versa.

 She's instinctive, spontaneous, playful, rebellious. Conventions, hierarchies and boundaries have no meaning to her. She enjoys the liberating energy of the clash. She does and she undoes, fiercely following her guts and point of view.

Old and new, day and night, street and elite make no difference for her. She's eccentric as much as she's pragmatic. She acts as she pleases, effortlessly. She's strong, in a sweet kind of way. She's free, most of all:everything she touches she makes her own. Crafty affairs and tactile diversions are her current obsession.

It is all about self-decoration as self affirmation. Hand-knitted jumpers and wide tulle skirts. Taort collars landing spontaneously over demure dresses. Wings printed on shoulders, lifting up spirits. Good vibes for do-it-yourself fierceness. A dash of military merging with dreamy romanticism. Ombre sweaters and massive wedges.

Faded tulle and psychedelic bikers. Influences that mix,match and collide on a strict silhouette. A sense of nouveau realism for a dreamy take on dressing-up. Flowers and trench-coats, arty denim and femme fatale marabou.

Drama and lightness, rigor and fun. Scalloped hems flirting with metal eyelets, utilitarian jackets contradicting precious skirts. Short skirts, long skirts and a restful of everything bland, pop socks invariably on. Black, army green, petrol blue, red, caramel and cream: arty delights with earthy touches. Lace-ups, mary-janes, demure bags: surrealism as an everyday accessory.

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