Boggi Milano AW2015/16 Urban Dandies & Gentle Trendsetters

Boggi Milano AW2015/16 Urban Dandies & Gentle Trendsetters to “Jump forward” is a quick step in the right direction, marked by extra effort and the need to set each moment apart. Sartorial in style, its high quality fabrics and details embody new, refined, contemporary elegance united with values. It’s a reference to an English tradition: soft textiles and coats that are perfect for any occasion further blur the line separating classic from sporty. Thus the classic British dandy becomes an “Italian dandy” thanks to the macro-effect glen plaid (in blue and rust) and gingham (in green and tobacco tones) that are worn over sweaters with pronounced, round necklines to let the wearer’s necktie show through.

In the same vein, Boggi Milano’s bouclé jacket was given a slim cut, while still maintaining a soft fit, a fundamental characteristic of this season. It’s offered in tobacco and azure tones, deconstructed, and single or double breasted. The shirts follow the style of the collection’s outerwear, becoming less rigid and, at the same time, younger, custom made and tailor fit; checked, striped, in microprint jacquard or in textured dobby fabrics. Knits are enriched by new processing methods (stone washed, pique weave, cable knit, diamond shapes, micro ribbing) and materials (cashmere, merinos), standing out in the wardrobe as this season’s under-jacket.

The suits are “Gentleman style” or “Contemporary sartorial”: deconstructed and slim fit with ultra-comfortable, high thread count, natural stretch fabrics to be worn with a waistcoat – the must-have of the season. The three button suit, a Boggi classic, is offered in a 3-roll-2 style with trousers with an 18 cm opening at the hem to emphasize the new meaning of “fit”. When this gentleman is on the road, he’ll become a trendsetter, mixing his suits like the cultures and places he’s exploring, layering ancient materials such as boiled wool with ultra-modern technical ones such as neoprene. This mix and match of tailored and casual, however, will always be bound by the common thread of style and attention to detail. Proposing a way of dressing that is also a way of being, innovative and sophisticated sensory experiences are part of the DNA in the 39 line and its natural inclination towards the casual world. Boggi Milano has designed a collection dedicated to the man of today: always online, constantly connected and contemporary, and able - even needing - to navigate among styles, freeing himself from old patterns as he mixes them. The Boggi man is constantly propelled towards the future and, with a “jump forward”, he is sure to hit every mark.

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