Vivienne Westwood @ SS2015 Red Label Collection

Vivienne Westwood SS2015 Red Label showed Collection her support for Scottish Independence: ‘Monday, 8 September, 2014 is the date the “Yes” vote for Scottish Independence tipped over into the lead in the polls.

"I am so excited, fingers crossed they’ll win. Because, if they do, it could be the turning point towards a better world. They could lead by example." Says Vivienne Westwood.

Scottish Independence could be a great day for Democracy. They already have a more democratic financial system, e.g. no tuition fees, and they care more for people. They just wouldn’t do what we’re doing in England.

In London they are pulling down council flats and building luxury apartments. They plan 200 more high rise luxury apartments for speculators.

In England there is hardly any democracy left. The government does what it wants. That which should belong to people it gives it all to business, e.g. they’re prepared to poison our water so that businesses can frack.

"The most important thing I have to say is that after 300 years, the capitalist system is now at an end. It’s over. Yet the English government – all main parties want to drag us down with it. We want Scotland to break the deadlock and march into the future. We English have to fight our government. You, Scotland, can have the government you want.’ Vivienne Westwood commented.

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