PRADA Journal @ The Third Edition

PRADA and Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore present the third edition of Prada Journal, the third edition of Prada Journal, the international literary contest dedicated to emerging writers. The Prada Journal collection of optional frames, developed in collaboration with Luxottica, continues to be a key tool to explore the world through different lenses and a new way to see the things and people around us. This year's theme is: "Illuminations, shadows and mirages. Things are not always what they seem." The Prada Feltrinelli Prize, launched in 2013, continues with its aim of creating an independent literary research platform open to writers from all over the world who are able to capture the subtleties of reality, translating them into written words. The winners will be awarded a cash prize, and their stories will be published as an eBook in the Prada Journal digital anthology and individually in the Feltrinelli Zoom catalogue. The winning stories will also be adapted to feature in a modern "Theatre of Conversation and Exchange." Therefore storytelling, filtered through words and optical frames the Prada Journal collection, becomes a three-dimensional literary experience. The contest opens today, 23rd July and closes on 31st August 2015. The winners will be selected by a jury of prestigious international literary experts whose names will be revealed in due course.

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