By Terry Cellularose HYDRADIANCE @ The New Vision of Intense Hydration & Dazzling Radiance

By Terry introduces the Cellularose HYDRADIANCE, a new vision of intense hydration & dazzling radiance embodies the incredible potential of millions of Roses Native Cells with multiple rejuvenating and a radiance booster powers. The beneficial formulas instantly, continuously and intensively provide the skin with water, light, strength and radiance. The highest concentration of active ingredients promise dramatically enhanced effectiveness. For more than 10 years, the By Terry research laboratories have been studying the active ingredient potential of Roses. The Radiance-Boosting Serum for dehydrated, tired and dull skin is loaded in Hibiscus flower acids and concentrated in the mildest alpha-hydroxy acids. By stimulating cell turnover, it exfoliates the surface of the skin like a natural micro-peel, ridding the skin of dead cells and removing the grey veil enshrouding it. The complexion is pure and transparent on its surface as well as deep down. The Ultra-Active Aqua-Gel is designed for the fragile eye contour area where it acts as a genuine hydra-clarity serum with global anti-fatigue powers by moisturizing, smoothing, decongesting under-eye bags and lightening dark circles. The dual mask, dual use and multi-radiance half cream/half gel "water glow" Hydra-Rescue Aqua Mask is the perfect SOS treatment for dehydrated skin, faded complexions and the dullest eyes and face to give a healthy glow boost, much like flowers that have been placed back in water and filled with fresh radiance.

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