DAKS @ SS2015 Women's Collection

DAKS SS2015 Women's Collection is showing for the first time at the Royal Opera House in London. The collection takes its inspiration from dance and this location is so prestigious and rich in poetry, perfectly evokes the atmosphere of the new collection.

The DAKS women for this season is gentle, feminine and sensual, wearing skirts that never reveal the knee and heels that are by design, not too high. The color palette is dominated by various shaded of grey - both light and dark which are lit up by flashes of silver. Together with chocolate brown and a dusty shade of mauve, this gives the show a refined elegance.

Exclusively for this season only, DAKS has decided to abandon its famous House Check, the unmistakable symbol of the brand, which has already been lavishly celebrated in previous shows. This season the new iconic symbol of recognition is a double D, extremely graphic and stylish, printed on chiffon and on an ultra-light wool crepe, as well as on small buckles and metal detailing.

Silk, ethereal Tasmanian wool, crisp cotton and cashmere gauze are the fabrics that form the new collection. Grey feathers sprinkled here and there with silver create a highly elegant balance.

Bags are small, with a structured design and follow the show's colour palette. They reference straight away the discreet and subdued elegance that DAKS wishes to present with this collection.

Overall, It is a collection that define as "bon ton" for a "nice girl" but with transparent organza and metallic sweaters that flirt with sensuality all the time.

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