BVLGARI MAN All Balcks Limited Editions

BVLGARI MAN EXTREME is an innovation that blends the traditional with the unexpected, guiding a tour of the olfactory universe that begins with natural elements and ends with a touch of the avant-garde. Built upon the olfactory structure of the original, BVLGARI MAN EXTREME ALL BLACKS radiates with a thorough self-assuredness, reinforcing the signature of the original while bringing a vibrant Mediterranean freshness, and elegant woodiness. Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas infused the fragrance with a more potent blend to defy the limits of intensity, in the name of the most masculine cadre. With a forceful, unforgettable, thoroughly fresh resonance, BVLGARI MAN EXTREME INTENSE is very much itself, the most noble of eau de parfums.

Elegant – Fresh – Vibrant
The elegant yet modern top notes translate into a persistent and fluid freshness, revealing the resplendent beauty of Calabrian Bergamot, as well as the contemporarily zesty facets of Pink Grapefruit, along with a stylish, lively and lush green accord of Cactus Pulp. The combination of sparkling citrus and pulpy freshness creates an olfactory texture that bursts with energy.

Radiant – Noble – Magnetic
The white freesia accord brings an innovative transparent floral note to a masculine creation. The coolness of spicy, aromatic cardamom, called the precious “green gold” of Guatemala, is combined with a vegetal amber accord, that shades from mineral radiance into a deep, woody earthy signature.

Sophisticated – Balanced – Sensual

The surprising lightness of balsa wood and the precious nobility of Haitian vetiver are wrapped in a silky veil of Benzoin, along with various new musky aromas. The distinctive and elegant Balsawood Accord gives a unique facet to this fragrance, evoking a light feeling with a touch of contemporary comfort.

Alberto Morillas, Master Perfumer for Bvlgari, created BVLGARI MAN ALL BLACKS with a higher concentration and potency, to capture the essence of the All Blacks’ strength and power to perform. Shaped of the same olfactory pyramid as the original, the intensity of BVLGARI MAN IN BLACK ALL BLACKS is a result of a higher concentration, resulting in a resolutely modern yet highly sensual signature. With its Oriental character and formidable potency, it evokes a generously virile masculinity. Alberto Morillas has concentrated the sensuality of its oriental and woody notes to render its effect more instinctive. Infused with daring raw ingredients, BVLGARI MAN IN BLACK ALL BLACKS is characterized by a sensual neo-Oriental signature. Its vibrant top notes melt into an unexpected masculine floral heart, culminating in intense and enveloping wood tones.

Luminous – Alluring
The fragrance unleashes spicy, zestful top notes that are addictively alluring.
Its distinctive amber rum and bourbon signature contrasts with the subtlety of its spice, creating an unusual, seductive, amber-like inflection.

Sophisticated – Magnetic – Mesmerizing
The fragrance evolves into its emotional and powerful heart, revealing the magnetism of tuberose. The mysterious, noble floral notes of iris are associated with the animal-like virility of the leather accord, to give the composition a unique masculinity that is carried by a modern yet authentic style.

Bewitching – Seductive – Virile
 The warm and captivating intonations of benzoin meld with the strength of Guaiac wood for an intense, sensual amber character, seductively enriched by the tobacco aroma of Tonka bean.

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