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La Prairie introduces a new beauty range to prep your skin for brilliance that brightens and promotes even skin tone by controlling excess discoloration, while enhancing firmness and hydration.

<white caviar Illuminating Clarifying Lotion>
Take the first step to brighter, clearer skin with White Caviar Illuminating Clarifying Lotion.  Created as a pre-treatment, the Clarifying Lotion sloughs off dead skin cells to promote clarity and allow better penetration of the following serum and moisturizer. The specially designed Refining Peptide is responsible for sloughing away dead skin cells and clearing your skin of excess debris, aiding in enhancing the absorption of the collection’s most beneficial ingredients. In addition to the powerful Refining Peptide, La Prairie scientists have incorporated a Toning Complex, containing Caffeine, Biotin and Niacinamide, to help in reducing the appearance of pores and keep skin shine-free throughout the day. White Caviar Illumination Clarifying Lotion ensures your skin is not only primed for its brightening counterparts, but that it stays flawless for hours after you apply your regimen.  Allow yourself the intensified White Caviar experience… pre-treat skin with White Caviar Illuminating Clarifying Lotion.

Introducing the Anti-Aging Rapid Response Booster: a boost towards lineless beauty. When it comes to the fight against wrinkles, every day counts.  Now, with Anti-Aging Rapid Response Booster, you’ll experience a new level of timeless beauty in just two weeks.  Formulated with a targeted delivery system, it delivers next generation ingredients to exactly where your skin needs them most, the cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin from day oneOver the course of two weeks, the appearance of wrinkles and long lines seem to erase, showing dramatic visible improvement on the skin.They express a life well lived and deep wrinkles add nothing but age. With La Prairie’s Anti-Aging Collection, precise and targeted anti-aging science works deep down to help fight wrinkles at their source. Knowing that 80% of aging signs on the skin stem from environmental elements, our scientists have developed formulas that deal with every aspect of lines and wrinkles, from plumping and filling to smoothing the skin’s surface, to easing the wrinkle-inducing effects of facial expressions.   Every formula contains yet another breakthrough in anti-wrinkle technology.

 The age of (skin) enlightenment continues to evolve, as La Prairie’s White Caviar Collection, an unprecedented brightening and firming phenomenon in one luminous collection, expands with new White Caviar Illuminating Moisturizing Cream.  After all, beautiful skin is synonymous with a bright, even-toned complexion – one that has a lifted, moisture-plumped look and feel, and White Caviar Illuminating Moisturizing Cream was designed to help impart all of that and more. With White Caviar Illuminating Moisturizing Cream, legendary lift is matched by luminosity as active brightening ingredients help target unevenly pigmented skin. What you see is younger looking skin, as age spots seem to fade and future spots are put on hold. What you feel is intensified hydration from the moisturizing complex as luxurious ingredients create a cushioning effect, lifting and illuminating on a deeper level. Formulated with the classic benefits of all products within the collection, the new White Caviar Illuminating Moisturizing Cream targets specific discoloration in problem areas in the same, effective way by brightening the skin before, during and after pigmentation problems arise. Prepare your skin for brilliance with the White Caviar Illuminating Clarifying Lotion pre-treatment. Brighten your eyes with White Caviar Illuminating Eye Serum and White Caviar Illuminating Eye Cream. Illuminate and help firm using White Caviar Illuminating Serum and White Caviar Illuminating Moisturizing Cream. Your skin tone appears even and bright, nourished and plumped with luxurious silken moisture.  The iconic White Caviar Collection. Legendary.

 It’s the unique synergistic action of brightening and firming complexes and natural extracts that enable White Caviar Illuminating Eye Serum to produce its remarkable results. Expect immediately visible improvement; the results of the serum’s firming and lifting action are both long-term and progressive. White Caviar Illuminating Eye Serum features selected technologies to purify and boost micro-circulation in order to focus on a specific challenge: darkness in the eye area caused by excess pigmentation or circulation issues under the eye.  This delicate Eye Serum, a high-performing antidote to under-eye darkness, features Swiss Garden Cress Sprout Extract, Larch Tree Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Golden Caviar Extract and Caffeine to help stop dark patches from forming on the skin while also reducing puffiness and wrinkles.  The product offers firming benefits as well and adds power to any eye cream, including new White Caviar Illuminating Eye Cream, worn over it, supplementing hydration and protection benefits.

Fast, easy, effective, luxurious.  La Prairie introduces two new cleansers with that winning combination. They produce the essential starting point for any intelligent skin de-aging regimen: impeccably clean skin.  And no water is needed! Cellular Comforting Cleansing Emulsion and Cellular Cleansing Water Eyes • Face, both formulated with Exclusive Cellular Complex, begin the rejuvenating process by gently and efficiently removing makeup and impurities. They leave the skin not only clean and soft but also remarkably receptive to de-aging treatments. The major difference between the two cleansers is their form: milky emulsion or refreshing lotion. Their quick, gentle and thorough cleansing action is the same. Both contain a synergistic blend of hydrating, protective, calming plant extracts, including summer lilac, thyme and white tea, plus moisturizing, softening hyaluronic acid and La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex, which nourishes and revitalizes the skin. Both can be removed without the potentially drying effect of water. Both tone and balance the skin.

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