Salvatore Ferragamo SS2015 Women's Collection

Salvatore Ferragamo SS2015 Women's Collection playing with textures - handled, cut, frayed, and melted – the collection experiments with craftsmanship and handmade uniqueness. Materials entertain pattern with imperfect perfection, evolving Ferragamo design, creating an original personality. Always seeking balance, the 3D allure of surfaces is expanded to showcase the purity of precise and vibrant tailoring.

The silhouette is elegant with an almost invisible waistline, while meticulous lines flow around the body closely. Knitwear dresses defined by small ribs and crossed by meticulous bands form a progression of density. Tops and skirts are married by sculptured details possible only through the skill of the atelier while more compact surfaces present transitions of transparencies. 

Pouch coats and short capes fastened at the waist with reptile leather belts are crafted from structural woven fabrics that also remember Salvatore’s original use of materials mixed with python or skin interspersed with woven snakeskin. Materials with an organic effect on the exterior contrast with the bold sparkling satin interior linings that decorate garments. Highlighted pieces of the collection play with the unseen: halter necks reveal the shoulders and voluminous trousers glimpse the calf.

The colour effects of murano glass are utilized and transformed into jacquard prints on overcoats that create form in the vertical. Animal-print motifs and designs iconic to the House of Ferragamo recall the colours of reptiles which naturally merge with the geometrical patterns in a magmatic process of graphic and chromatic fusion. The collection is permeated with warmth: capturing the magic of transforming matter, emblematic of the process in creating Murano glass. Natural colours are broken by sudden bright flecks and metal veins that underscore a metamorphic quality.

The vertical profile of the figure is enhanced by bold wedge heels, a design that remembers Salvatore’s original rainbow sandal with elements of early 1940s, this time modernized in monochromatic palettes reinforced by the luxurious details of tiny chains and exotic skins.

Handbags, a tribute to Ferragamo’s handcrafted elegance, come in the form of doctor bags referencing the use of mixed materials, chain shoulder clutch handbags with geometrical inserts, and mat tote bags with polychrome glass handles. Murano glass makes literal use of the Italian craft with bracelets, chains and clutches hand blown by craftsmen.

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