GREAT Food Hall Presents "UK Food Festival"

GREAT Food Hall Presents "UK Food Festival" offering a wide variety of traditional British food, drinks & snacks. Britain is one of the world’s most fascinating countries, with a centuries-old cultural heritage that few other places can match. It is also a modern country with a vibrant and exciting traditional food culture.

The promotion includes award winning Dickinson & Morris Pork PiesPukka 100% Organic Tea Bags with different flavours; Wild Catch Fresh Scottish Brown CrabEat17 Jams; and the traditional British dessert Wild Berry Trifle, among many other treats.

The premium-brand Pukka organic herbal teas offer a range Tea Bags in a host of exotic flavours, including Taste Alive, Feel Alive, Green Revolution and Super Fruity, among others. Each blend is full of natural flavour and rich in the incredible benefits of organic herbs.

GREAT’s exclusive offer of traditional British dessert Wild Berry Trifle is a tempting compilation of sponge cake, jelly, fruit and cream. The sponge cake is mixed with custard for a moist texture and the finished product is an attractive, colourful and tempting summer treat. What sets this Trifle apart is addition of wild berries, which combine to bring a unique flavour to an already delicious experience.  

British nutritious and delicious snack, the Dickinson & Morris Pork Pie wrapped in traditional packaging that is immediately recognisable for its British style, pork lovers will be smitten with the texture and flavour of this fulsome treat. Dickinson & Morris has been baking pork pies for more than 150 years and by using premium ingredients for its time-honoured recipes. Its delicious pies have become famous all over Britain and in many other parts of the world.

Promotion ends 3rd September 2015.

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