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Interior design and dim sum don’t sound as if they could be likely partners, but at Mott 32, you get the best of both worlds. As you descend into the cavernous space well below street level, you are taken into a wondrous space with beautiful design elements, referencing the industrial elements of New York which are also blended with some elements of Hong Kong imperialism, the result of which was designed in conjunction with award-winning Joyce Wang. It is a truly visual experience before you even get to order your food which reflects the elegant dynamism, which Hong Kong exudes. mylifestylenews is in the mood for Mott 32......

Mott 32 represents modern Hong Kong. It is a restaurant that embodies the Chinese culture and philosophy of farm-to-table cooking that has been shaped from generation-to-generation. It embraces flavours and ingredients from around China and the world and delivers it as home cooking should be, in a more rustic and honest way.

The dining experience embodies a modern Hong Kong; Traditional and respectful of the culture and heritage. Modern, in passion for the best ingredients such as the use of Prime Iberico Pork. Progressive, in design and visual experience reflected in their careful fusion of New York industrialism and Hong Kong imperialism. The finest wines selection such as the Chateau Cheval Blanc starting in 1961. Buzzing, reflected in this 7,500 sq. ft. seats 170 covers with expansive space and the energy of the venue. It's is hip and full of vibe in retro chic.

Behind the "vault" is the roomy and cozy private dining room.

Refreshing mocktails are ideal for hot summer days in Hong Kong. Innovative cocktail menu will intrigue and compliment any Mott 32 experience. Their mixologists have meticulously researched Chinese ingredients such osmanthus honey, jasmine tea, ginger, matcha powder, Szechuan pepper, tangerine, shiso, plum, five spice and goji berry and etc to blend into the modern mix.

A well presented apple wood roasted Peking duck with condiments and dipping.

The Age room: Only for Peking Duck, It is chic, modern, clean and yet need to be seen.The Peking duck was aired in the age room before being roasted in their very own custom-made duck oven. The roast ducks are offered in two ways: the traditional Cantonese style where the duck meat is wrapped over by steamy pancaked with home-made sauce whereas the classic Beijing style to be enjoyed with the crisp of the duck skin dipped with mashed garlic, sugar and other condiments.

The modern version of the traditional BBQ steamed Pork Bun is now become one of the popular by demand must-order from the Dim Sum selection.

Xiao Long Bao - Classic steamed dumpling topped with black caviar to enhance the taste bud.

Of course, were it not for the food, you wouldn’t be there in the first place. Malcolm Wood, the restaurant’s Culinary Director, and Head Chef Fung have teamed up to produce the Mott 32 menu with their combined years of experience. The point of difference is that Mott 32 puts the spotlight on quality ingredients and traditional recipes, with a farm-to-table philosophy and letting the true flavours shine in each dish. The cooking is primarily Cantonese with a few signature Sichuan and Beijing dishes and the menu features traditional Cantonese dishes, showcasing a variety of dim sum, barbecue and sharing dishes.

We particularly liked this Kurobuta, soft boiled Quail Egg & Black Truffle Siu Mai (Pork Dumpling). it is nostalgic and yet not many Chinese Dim Sum Chef are willing to put this dish backed on the menu. Mott 32 guts it all.

Simplicity is the best! This cucumber lightly marinated with chopped garlic and aged vinegar make a great entrance to live up your appetite. One of our many favorites in Mott 32.

The Barbecue Prime Iberico Char Siu (BBQ pork) with Yellow Mountain Honey is so distinctly flavoured to the usual Char Siu and is not to be missed.

The balance of the Peking duck (meat & bones) is best to stir-fried with the leek and brings out the best aroma on a sizzle pot. It is quite irresistible.

The signature fried-rice is another dish not to be missed. The rice is light and separate from each other with the right kind of dryness accompanied by the egg white and young sweet peas. topped with the colorful roe.

A modern version of Panna Cotta, you gonna love this homemade soy sauce ice cream.

An alternative version of Red bean pancake to round up our meal. wrapped with green tea paste and topped with sesame.

Mott 32 is named after 32 Mott St. in New York. 32 Mott St. was the first ever Chinese convenience store to open in 1891 and was the nucleus for what is now a vibrant Chinatown in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Mott 32 is a celebration of Hong Kong culture and cuisine, which thanks to the bravery of families, such as those who left Hong Kong in 1891 to open 32 Mott St., is now a global phenomenon. Today, patrons from Doha to London crave dim sum and Cantonese cooking. Who doesn't like to have your heart touched? (Dim Sum literally is means Touch Heart)

Malcolm & Fung strongly believe in using great ingredients and letting the true flavours shine in his dishes. “The most important component to a dish is fresh ingredients and we use long standing traditional Cantonese cooking techniques, with an added touch of creativity, while using the freshest ingredients we have carefully sourced from all around the world.” As part of the farm-to-table philosophy, They believe in bringing the cooking into the restaurant. The kitchen offers a window directly to the heat excitement of the red hot woks stations.

Little details are being looked into in its beautifully crafted interior designs.  A time tunnel takes you back to a classic Eastern & Oriental train ride back in the past.

Another section dining area with a glass wall reflection offers you a more exclusive dining experience.

The spacious main dining area

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5

Signature Dishes

Standard Chartered Bank Building
4-4A Des Voeux Road
Central, Hong Kong
Tel:+852 2885 8688

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