ST. JOHN Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

ST. JOHN Pre-Fall 2015 Collection shows a mixture of elegance and chic; practicability and ornamental. In this collection, designers introduced fashionable and stylish design to satisfy the needs of the young professionals and executives.

Continuing with the classic knitwear technique, the Pre-Fall collection is divided into three themes Catalina Chic Escape, Palm Spring Pure Indulgence and Nighttime Drama. Combination with vocational and urban outfit are designed for any occasions.

<Catalina Chic Escape>
The theme is inspired by the Catalina Island, California. The picturesque scenery and relaxed vocational sensation naturally blend into the theme. Velvet stripe is a key trend in this theme, the use of velvet yarns incorporated with signature Santana yarns allow it to add an extremely luxe feel to the Milano knit color block as an update to our lifestyle dressing for a very contemporary look.

The dresses in this theme apply tulip intarsia and mirrored floral jacquard technique. The perfectly placed detail, along with a simple silhouette is a refreshing vision for the pre-fall season.

<Palm Spring Pure Indulgence>
Second theme takes its inspiration from Palm Spring resort in California. Palm Spring is well-known tourism destination reputing as a jade in desert and it always give the tourist a feeling of enjoyment. Designing into opulent tweed knit, the designers brought together with American, Japanese, Italian and Asian yarns and each yarn is twisted in variety of combinations to create an incredible color story fitting for Palm spring theme.

And the placement of yarn and stitch in its sunset jacquard dress creates the warm horizon of luxurious Palm Spring sunset each garment is made with an Italian metallic yarn that has a brilliant sparkle adding the element of shine while remaining extremely soft to the touch.

<Nighttime Drama>
Nighttime Drama is certainly designed for night time occasions, and however in ST.JOHN Pre-Fall collection, the designs are for both daily and special occasions. The wearing is effortless, smooth and has a sleek and silk shine. The gown, made of silk georgette, flatters the feminine figure like a second skin while emphasizing the unique beauty and attraction of the modern woman.

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