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Azzedine Alaïa New Fragrance Alaïa Eau de Parfum

Azzedine Alaïa proclaiming Beauty as absolute, revealing agent of the modern woman. We were first mesmerized by a line of clothes that would never go out of fashion, with impeccable cut, both classic and audacious: in his tight or twirling dresses, tailored suits, laser-cut corsets, playing with zippers, leathers, jerseys, and muslins, he expressed his talent with a master’s virtuosity through a gripping contrast between architectural precision and voluptuous refinement. Emphasizing the bust, the size, the hips, Alaïa redrew the female body, magnifying it as if it were an antique sculpture insisting on the sensuality of curves, revealing the power of shapes, giving the woman a new status, that of a goddess of modern times. Azzedine Alaïa proceeded exactly the same way as in his previous projects. He adopted a rigorous, idiosyncratic behavior, grounded in  undeniable confidence and major risk-taking. Alaïa aesthetic is in fact a manifesto, a true statement, a genuine declaration of women's right. Through his eau de parfum, Alaïa Paris, imposing Beauty as absolute once more, Azzedine Alaïa’s enchanted universe goes on, as he offers, in a truly Baudelairian gesture, an immortal Invitation to the Voyage. In this project, Azzedine Alaïa meticulously and personally controlled every single detail, taking advice from a team of experts who, around him, thrive on excellence. He steps in as a pioneer, opening the gates to unexpected feelings. Resolutely modern, the olfactory pyramid of his eau de parfum finally defines itself as an impression of freshness. “It is not a parfum, but an eau de parfum,” he insists. “Besides, to perfume oneself is like to refresh oneself, it’s a very usual gesture, complementary to that of the toilette.” Once again, Alaïa’s mystique moves forward. The bottle has been conceived by designer Martin Szekely who wished it to become “a fetish object dedicated to women.” Following his Black Mirror – pure, compact and strange – Szekely created a  body of heavy and precious translucent black glass (half-way between a meteorite and a polished pebble), that he adorned, front and back, with the famous Alaïa laser-cut pattern, an emblematic pattern which first appeared on the leather corset in the 1990s. The cap is in contrast to the bottle, as if to enhance it, it is an homage to Alaïa’s craftsmanship – a spool of golden thread which seems to takes its flight, made of zamak and pink gold. Delicately framed with black, it carries the Alaïa nude - an intense pinky beige that evokes the skin - one of the creator’s fetish colors.

A fresh impression: 
Airy notes and Pink Pepper

A floral impression:
Freesia and Peony

A bare- skin impression: 
Animal notes and Musk.

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