PRADA LINEA ROSSA @ SS2015 Eyewear Collection

PRADA LINEA ROSSA eyewear collection stays true to its linear, sporty aesthetics and continues down the path of technical research, seeking new avant-garde materials and manufacturing techniques. Clean designs, technological research and innovation. The new glasses flaunt an innovative ultra-resistant rubber finish, combining unparalleled technical performance with an appealing design. An essential style blends with technological innovation, giving life to four models of the new L.J.Silver collection. The temples feature the emblematic steel hole on the temple tips, a key theme replicated throughout the entire collection allowing for the use of a neoprene string.

These sunglasses of the new Prada Linea Rossa L.J. Silver collection combine a teardrop-shaped metal front with rubber temples featuring the iconic steel hole on the temple tips. For the next season, Prada presents a variety of shaded lenses, as well as polarized lenses, which reduce glare and increase contrast, ensuring perfect vision. Available in rubber tones of Black, Grey, and Lead, with contrasting temples in nuances of Bottle Green, Baltic Sea and Grey.

The unique design of the Prada Linea Rossa L.J.Silver collection renews itself in these classic rectangular sunglasses. The innovative ultra-resistant rubber finish on the entire frame makes these glasses extremely lightweight yet highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. The temples feature the emblematic hole on the temple tips, which is the leitmotiv of the collection. Presented in hues of Black, Grey, Bottle Green, Baltic Sea and Burgundy.

Prada Linea Rossa presents a classic rectangular optical frame with rubber inserts ensuring absolute comfort and a perfect fit. The palette plays with colour combinations on the front and temples, matching Black with Green, Brown, and light Grey. The Linea Rossa logo is marked on the temples.

A new optical frame with clean lines for the Prada Linea Rossa L.J.Silver collection. The rectangular nylon front is specifically designed to ensure a lightweight feel, while the steel wire temples are covered, for the first time ever, in ultra-resistant rubber. The emblematic steel hole on the temple tips and the Linea Rossa logo define these glasses. Available in rubber tones of Black, Bottle Green, and Grey, as well as in shades of Red and Baltic Sea combined with Grey.

A unique mix of different materials for this new Prada Linea Rossa optical frame. The rectangular metal front features rubber finishes, perfectly matched with ultralightweight bare nylon temples. The colour palette includes nuances of Black, Grey, Brown and Bronze, combined with the distinctive Linea Rossa logo on the temples.

An inspired blend of a sophisticated design and technological innovation. This sporty rectangular model has a metal upper front profile and ultra-resistant rubber-covered temples with the signature steel hole on the temple tips, characterising the entire special collection. Available in rubber hues of Black, Charcoal Grey, Baltic Sea and Red.

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