ETRO @ SS2015 Women's Collection

ETRO SS2015 Women’s Collection comes with the free spirirt rises this season from the sand and heat of the desert like an opulent mirage. Strong and deeply free-spirited, Veronica Etro’s woman is a creator whose artistic expression extends beyond her attitude and directly onto the clothes that she wears. The earthy, organic flavor of this collection is tinged with the untethered, spontaneous energy cut with a chic refinement and raw romanticism.

The Etro woman has lived in these clothes; they tell her journey and story. Fabrics, therefore, have been specially treated to remove the gloss of the new. They are worn out, used, and lived-in. The mood is not precious, but the techniques are. Linen, canvas, denim and suede start life as rustic materials and are showered with riches. They are printed, washed, beaded, fringed in silk or suede and laced up with feathers. Intricate micro-beading creates colorful patterned trims on jackets and dresses, or is used extravagantly to cover entire sleeveless coats like sculptural Navajo blankets. Denim is remade with laser cut tribal slashings, washes and embroideries. Knitwear is transformed into masterpiece canvases of hand-knit printed silk slices or patchworks of knitted lurex, linen, and tie-dye degrade’ haberdashery.

Silhouettes are feminine and tinged with a bohemian flavor. Long printed silk robes or kimono jackets are worn with printed tank tops and pants. Printed slip dresses feature asymmetrical tiers and are worn with beaded waistcoats. The jean jacket, crusted with beading, lace, linen and tribal haberdashery, slides over the season’s oval-shaped pant. Cropped printed culottes are paired with luxuriously knitted sweaters, while kaftan dresses and long skirts are other key shapes.

Etro’s signature paisley is spun into a circular format and broken down into watery fragments. Just a trace remains, almost like a tattoo, which is whisked with tribal tie patterns. Primitive motifs, almost like cave paintings, are designed in circular configurations that look like Native American dreamcatchers. The prints are opaque and the colors, such as off-white, rose, sage, dusty blue and mauve, have a non-shiny, muted quality.

The woman this season is the artist of her own self, and is draped in amulets, and good luck charms that appear handmade. Her neck is wrapped in ropes of hard stones, beads, feathers, strung on asymmetrical braided suede straps. Delicate feather earrings dangle from one ear, belts are hand woven from suede and leather. Simple suede stiletto sandals are garnished with beaded or feathered backs, while flat suede boots cascade with fringe. Handbag shapes are simple with intricate bead embroideries that swing with a free-fall of suede fringe.

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