COACH @ SS2015 Collection

COACH SS2015 Collection is a journey across America that combines the sub-cultures of music, skate and surf. Referencing the authentic workwear silhouettes of the mid-west. Exploring the tension between utility and luxury, between street wear and luxury - a melting pot inspired by the spirit of New York. Celebrating individuality and creating unexpected juxtapositions.

An American dreamer. An optimistic, smart outsider who dresses with a cool, effortless ease and a sense of spontaneous freedom. A graphic, colorful and vibrant take on boyish femininity. A sense of nostalgia and tradition re-mixed. Elevating while simultaneously subverting the authentic and familiar. A sense of everydayness, twisted.

Featuring original drawings by Californian artist and animator Gary Baseman, introducing a series of darkly playful ‘creatures’, each developed with a story of the Coach girl in mind. Celebrating a beautiful ‘oddness’ that’s born of American style and the attitude of New York City. A VISION OF AMERICA THAT’S QUINTESSENTIALLY COACH.

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