agnès b. @ SS2013 FEMME & HOMME collection

  agnès b. SS2013 collection revisits her classics from the 80’s, including the signature snap cardigan, sweat shirt, tee-shirt dress, bicolor design, photo-print, leather pieces...a deliberately colorful collection for a summerlike spirit that offers something for everyone. The first theme of agnès b. SS2013 FEMME collection is inspired by Buster Keaton’s black and white movies spirit. Outfits are designed with pure lines without any extra embellishments, illustrating the sobriety and simplicity styleIconic items of agnès b. including  snap cardigan, pencil skirt associated with silk shirt… could be found in this very chic story, all in a classic black and white color palette!
Joseph Frank "Buster" Keaton (4 Oct 1895 – 1 Feb 1966) was an American comic actor, filmmaker, producer and writer. He was best known for his silent films, in which his trademark was physical comedy with a consistently stoic, deadpan expression, earning him the nickname "The Great Stone Face“. 
This summer story offers pieces with 60’s, 70’s and 80’s spirits. Turquoise, purple, green, red, yellow… Achieving an eye-catching look by contrasting match of vivid colors, graphics and pop floral patterns!! The à la mode? les graphiques? is a retro collection with graphics of geometry, patterns and bicolor effects that Agnès b. started to develop in 1984. Simple silhouettes are designed in this graphic story to match with the nostalgic style.
  Photo-print has been the spirit of agnès b. collection for the past 10 years. All photos are taken by Agnès b. herself, expressing her passion for photography. Photo-print collection is high-end, unique, and easy for mix-and-match of various looks and styles. This year, we see photos taken in various location e.g. Paris, Deauville, Parc de Marly in France and Germany, etc. A spectrum of relax silhouettes are achieved through work wear items such as denim pants and overalls. Sailor touch is presented with stripes and white & blue palette color.
 In addition, artist Aurore and Zina de Plagny play a key role with their creations naturally blend in with forms and spirit of this summer collection. Romantic touch is highlighted in this theme. Transparency through sheer materials is in mild color palette. White is fascinated by off white on embroidered cotton and lace to feature the femininity essence. Very summerlike, dresses and skirts are either at knee-length or in mini size. French romance is liberated in the agnès b.’s masculine looks.
  Linen suits are unlined and are combined with light linen voile material that confers softness to silhouettes. Inspiration comes from the “Pre-Raphaelites”, a group of English painters, poets, and critics, founded in 1848. The Pre-Raphaelites have been considered the first avant-garde movement in art at that time. Inspired by their works, a series of outfits in fluid shapes and refined silhouettes such as long dresses or skirts are made of cotton muslin and silk chiffon. Marseille Provence will be an European cultural capital in year 2013. 
Throughout the year, it will be packed with exhibitions, concerts and meetings. Always supporting art activities, agnès b. galerie du Jour, Paris, will organize up to 7 exhibitions in Marseille. Besides, this southeastern coastal city provides enormous source of inspiration to Agnès b. in the E13 HOMMME collection. Being a city of migratory flows, departures and returns, the territory becomes an ideal to think disorientation.
The men collection inspiration comes from Marseille ~ France's largest city on the Mediterranean coast. A series of coastal-inspired pieces are key: black and white stripes, “Trompe-l’oeil” and Cyrian jersey striped tee, Fifre jacket and gabardine Bristol jacket, which match with large front-pleated sailor pants, off white linen pants, for completing casual and carefree silhouette. White is worn on total look or associated with vivid color such as orange or blue. Rise jacket shape is important in this collection. Inspired by couture jacket shape, they are presented here in milano cotton jersey with white braids on collars. A blink of an eye to Tara Ocean is illustrated through patch on the jersey orange jacket as well as on cap.This sea story continues with shirt jacket and straight pants made of gabardine cotton. Silhouettes are in total looks for a work wear spirit with Etienne or work jackets.
This theme is inspired by Belleville which is a neighborhood of Paris. This colorful, multi-ethnic neighborhood is mixed with people from different artistic backgrounds and nationalities, contributing to a lively area of art galleries, restaurants and concerts. A large theme completed with a various color palette around blue, turquoise, green and yellow. Summerlike freshness is associated to comfortable cotton knit wear and ankle-length cotton pants. African prints are put on pareos. They are worn in a simple way just knotted at the waist. Black jersey sleeved-less tops confer a relaxed and casual aspect to silhouettes.
Prints brighten up this theme with off white and blue stripes on zip cotton jacket, beige and white striped tie, orange stripe cotton voile shirt and Liberty printed shirt and shorts. A grey touch is added with linen sweater, emblematic wool/linen iconic 4 pockets work jacket and pleated pants shapes. Casual silhouettes are staged through Jam and Jah pants worn with leather jacket. Here unlined short coats and emblematic Tambourin jacket are combined with sunflower, black and grey geometric printed shirts. In green shades and red shades, knitted V-neck sweater are worn without anything underneath and can be combined with any large or fitted pants shapes. Colors are spring like bringing freshness to this collection.
Suits proposals cover all needs. From day use with an unlined jersey fitted suit, cotton scooter suit to a more dressy suits proposal in wool flannel and woven cotton. Double breasted Low jackets can be worn as a suit or by itself. It brings a less formal aspect to this suits theme. All made in Italy, materials are refined and high-end: Prince-of-wales checks, green wool flannel and silk linen cotton tweed. More dressy suits are worn with iridescent shades shirts to jazzed up these chic silhouettes.
Laid-back and relaxed silhouettes are represented in the rock touch of the collection. Leather pants are worn with photo-print tees; shirts are printed with graphic patterns. Pants shape is fitted and conveying an “off-the-wall” spirit to this suit theme. 

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