LESLIE CHEUNG @ Miss You Much Leslie

 <Miss You Much Leslie> 3CD + 1 DVD marks his 10 years departure in 2013 by bringing back much fond memories of Leslie Cheung's top hits in the past. From the very early stage of Cheung's favorites in the 90's and early 2000's collaboration with other renown artistes such as Anthony Wong, Anita Mui, Alan Tam and more. Cheung had never let his fans down despite his departure but on the contrary, he did build up another new age group of fans from the farther generation and loving what he did while he was the Superstar in his music and film performances from that era. This collection recalls some of Cheung's best dance hits in CD 1 and follow by his most romantic recording tracks on CD 2 and CD 3. The arrangement on all tracks of Cheung's past performance and are rather sensible for fans to recollect the best of him from different stages. We appreciate some real good views and comments from Cheung's closest friends and companies to unveil some of his "untouchable" fond moments that he had been through but the voice tag in between tracks and done it on a recording CD was rather disturbing and annoying. It isn't a live radio broadcast interview and shall we not need that while enjoying Cheung's music at once. Classic MVs can be found on the +1 DVD to reminisce Cheung's way of perfection in making every details on the MVs looks artistically beautiful.

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