Robynn & Kendy @ Dear Diary

To our surprise, this refreshing duo Robynn & Kendy EP <Dear Diary> make a clean and notable entry to the Hong Kong and local music scene. Honestly, we didn't pay much attention to their music until we decided to give it a go and having a cup of tea in a lazy afternoon while their music did have a level of comfort and coziness. We admire and do respect this young duo who compose  and create their very own music genre without being lead by the dead formulated and uninspiring producers. That was indeed a plus for a new comer like Robynn & Kendy knowing what is best works for them. Track 2 on Dics one《無人島》fly you away to a no man's and feel the freedom of being alone and leave the hassle behind with a sensual arrangement and a wanna fly away vocal. There are another 5 cover versions on Disc 2 and once again their reanimate acappella version of the remade didn't fail us either. In addition, it makes you wanna sing-a-along with them restfully. A vivid music genre by performing in ways to its best by not killing it was a wise move. We love it! There are vivify energy from Robynn & Kendy to show to their listener on "how to live happily every single day?", as they said : " It is all in your mind...from your heart" and we say : so is their music!

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