HINS @ Pink Dahlia ~ A Secret of Sound

HINS Cheung has a undoubtedly pleasing vocal. For his latest cover version of all female artists' greatest hits, Hins once again uses his uniquely vocal to transform and rearrange the old classics to his very own way and sing it in a different mood and manner. Pink to Hins is gorgeous, ravishing, sexy and provides a strange energy that influenced him to pay tribute to his fellow female singers by choosing one of their biggest hits. Something is stilling lacking here for not making the best out of it despite the high quality in recording invested. Some tracks didn't really highlight Hins vocal but pretentiously by making it work. By toning down his voice may help him to perform track 3《風花雪》and  track 5《值得》to more tender note. Track 2《夜機》is the best in the entire album, the music arrangement and Hins gently emphasizing his vocal and create an easy listening Bossa Nova mood despite the chorus may make him sounds like George Lam in disguise. Track 9 《少女的祈禱》is another favorite of ours for his effortless singing style and featured the best of his vocal.  Track 8《滴汗》is the only track that been rearranged into metal rock with a balance of Hins soft performance makes another surprise to this tribute.

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