Hong Kong Disneyland @ One-of-A-Kind New Themed Area Mystic Point

Hong Kong Disneyland one-of-a-kind themed area Mystic Point opening this 17th May 2013 marks the final chapter of the theme park's current expansion project. Rich in storytelling, Mystic Manor, an all-new, original attraction within Mystic Point, is home to brand new characters, special effects and architecture, each of which seamlessly blends with technology designed to transport guests into a strange and fantastic universe beyond their imaginations. This immersive storytelling combined with technology bring a truly mysterious adventure to all patrons. 
This final chapter of the current expansion project is comprised of the iconic Mystic Manor, which features one of the most sophisticated systems ever built by Disney, a themed photo area called Garden of Wonders, a new restaurant and a merchandise shop, each of which plays an important role in creating a fully immersive experience within Hong Kong Disneyland. There are more than 7,000 artifacts throughout the themed land.
As vast as Lord Henry’s collection is, precious artifacts from different historical backgrounds are temporarily stored at the Mystic Point Freight Depot, where Lord Henry’s grandnephews share stories with Guests from their adventures with Lord Henry. They have also invited friends they have met along the way to join them, and cultural ambassadors appear in traditional Native American, Egyptian, Bulgarian, Indian and Mexican attire, further enhancing the exotic international flavor of Mystic Point.
In the <Garden of Wonders>, several ancient sculptures and mosaics with unbelievable 3D illusions are displayed. A particular angles must be viewed to unlock the mysteries, which offer the most bewildering and mystifying photo-taking experiences.
The <Explorer’s Club Restaurant> consists of 500 seats celebrating the globetrotting exploits of Lord Henry and the Society of Explorers and Adventurers (S.E.A.). The restaurant has five themed dining areas where Guests are invited to dine in rooms that reflect cultures and styles of exotic locations, including Egypt, Russia, Morocco, India and China. 
A diverse range of cuisines with popular dishes from Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia are served, including dishes which are making their first appearances in the Park, such as Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup, Sautéed Rice Cake with Cabbage and Korean Chili Sauce, Shabu Shabu with Mixed Vegetables, and more. To add even more wonder to this mysterious adventure, don’t miss the newly introduced special beverage Blueberry Myst.
Visit to <The Archive Shop> is a must. There are over 140 items along four main themes: Mystic Manor, Mickey Family Adventure at Mystic Manor, Disney Parks Around the World and Theme Specific for everyone to bring home as souvenirs of their extraordinary journey.
 The story of Mystic Point follows the adventures of eccentric explorer and art collector Lord Henry Mystic, who invites patrons to board the Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage for a tour of his private museum located within his Victorian manor house. When Lord Henry’s companion monkey Albert mischievously opens a newly acquired magical music box, the enchanted Music Dust inside is released and, a mysterious journey begins.
The Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage inside the <Mystic Manor> is the first trackless ride that applies radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology ever built by Disney. Four carriages depart at a time, following Albert to explore Mystic Manor. When Albert opens a newly arrived artifact - a beautifully carved wooden music box reputed to possess strange powers – he is amazed to discover an enchanting tune flowing from the open box, along with a ribbon of mystical energy. Whatever this ribbon touches - artifacts, statues or paintings, the object springs to life.
In every vehicle, you will get a front-row seat to experience the 40 visual effects created by different technologies and 36 projectors, including four ultra-high-definition (4k) projectors. The trackless Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage ride can be positioned in any direction at any moment. You'll never know their next way to go and with the different perspectives of the 4 vehicles, you would want to ride it over and over again to get on a highly immersive adventure full of surprises, special effects and theatrical wonders.
 In addition to the sophisticated ride system and special effects, a modern, high-fidelity soundtrack written by Grammy-winning, Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated composer Danny Elfman supports the action of the story. The soundtrack features a recurring musical theme - the haunting tune of the music box that weaves its way through the rooms of Mystic Manor as the story progresses.
Mark Schirmer, Executive Creative Director, Walt Disney Imagineering (Hong Kong) said, “Mystic Manor is a brand new concept with new characters, special effects and architecture that no Guest has ever seen before in any of the Disney Parks worldwide. From illustrators, model-makers and painters, to special effects, ride design and landscaping, the whole team came together to bring the mysterious story to life for Guests. We also created the fun and identifiable looks for Lord Henry and his companion monkey Albert, which I know Guests are going to love.”

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