FENDI hosted its travelling exhibition entitled “FENDI - UN ART AUTRE” in Japan to give many viewers a quick and yet impressive look into the history of the brand’s art and craftsmanship which once ingrained with the brand’s DNA, blossoms into exquisite FENDI designs. 
This exhibition is named after the term “Un Art Autre” used by the French critic Michel Tapié to describe a revolution in art history during the 1950s. The term celebrates FENDI’s daring, innovative experimentations, unbound by the status quo. Emanuela Nobile Mino, an art historian and critic active both in her native Italy and around the world, curated the exhibition with the collaboration and assistance from the Tokyo University of the Arts. 
The exhibition is spread over three different spaces. The first environment is a multi-sensory introduction into FENDI’s evolution and experimentation from the mid-1960s to the present. 
The second environment showcases the brand’s iconic 24 furs, created between the 1970s and the present, as well BAGUETTE and PEEK A BOO bags. The actual sketches, workmanship tablets and other items from the archives shed light on research and creative endeavors.
The third environment focuses on the craftsmanship in progress. In his demonstrations, an actual FENDI craftsman presents the magical, behind-the-scenes secrets in fur wear production. The multi-sensory experience is enhanced by a soundtrack, which was composed to showcase the world of FENDI’s “another kind of art.”        

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