Sunkist® X Robert Danhi @ Asia-Hong Kong Food Tasting & Cooking Demo

Sunkist® invited Chef Robert Danhi, one of America’s top culinary talents, to tour across Asia and spread the word about the wonders of Sunkist® citrus. Pairing a multitude of Sunkist citrus including navel oranges, Cara Cara navel oranges (aka The Power Orange®) and lemons with in-season ingredients as he hit the road across Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong, Chef Danhi presented a collection of delicious, easy-to-make recipes that combine the premium taste of California with the intrinsic flavors of local specialties.
A graduate and former professor of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America and an avid traveler, Danhi has spent the past two decades researching Asian cuisine. As a result, Danhi boasts a culinary repertoire inspired by the exotic flavors and cultural abundance of nearly 30 countries. His unique, exploratory approach to culinary arts and flair for blending the sensory experience of nature’s flavors have earned him international acclaim.
During the tour in Hong Kong, Chef Danhi demonstrated the following recipes in Hong Kong using Sunkist citrus:
Sunkist® Lemonade with Chinese Dates and Star Anise
Sunkist® Orange, Roasted Duck Coriander Lettuce Cups & 
Sunkist® Cara Cara Orange with Rose Scented Roasted Chicken
Sunkist® Cara Cara Orange and Coconut Pudding with Sesame Seeds

“Asia offers an eclectic mix of ingredients, cooking technique and cuisines. Often you experience many tastes, textures and sensations in one dish,” said Chef Danhi. “Since all citrus is indigenous to Asia, Sunkist citrus pairs perfectly with so many ingredients in Asian cuisine such as aromatic herbs and spices, vegetables, seafood, meat and poultry. Citrus has a very distinctive aroma and taste, it enriches the flavors of Asian dishes and beverages and transforms even the most familiar recipes in a refreshing way. Sunkist offers a wide variety of citrus fruits of the highest quality,” continued Danhi. “On this tour I shared a few recipes and some different ideas using Cara Cara navel oranges. Available on a seasonal basis through May, Cara Cara oranges are exceptionally sweet and juicy, and offer a rich, balanced aroma. Even better, Sunkist Cara Caras are branded The Power Orange® because they provide 150 percent of the vitamin C an average person needs every day plus they are an excellent source of vitamin A, a good source of folate and fiber, as well as a natural source of lycopene.” Orange on the outside, Cara Caras are a special hybrid of navel oranges that have a rich pink pulp on the inside. Cara Cara oranges are free of fat, sodium and cholesterol, and contain only 80 calories each.

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