PORTS 1961 @ FW2013 Fashion Presentation

Ports 1961 FW2013 women’s collection is inspired by the iconic style of Lee Radziwill. A timeless aura that radiates newness for a woman who is utterly content in her laid back style. Oversized coats and tops are layered over full skirts and dresses cut just below the knee. High belted waistlines on A-line shapes give attention to the hips, yielding a lean sensuality. 
A color palette of cherry, chestnut, saturated French blue and pine are off-set by cool ivory, sepia and charcoal. Textures are key with combinations of Astrakhan and double silk-wool pile, mink-cashmere knits, leather bonded wool jacquard and silk sable bonded with neoprene. Bi-color, Damier macramé is hand constructed in an oversized top and slimming skirt.
 Metallic stiletto Oxfords and malleable bags compliment the subdued color palette adding a hint of glamour reminiscent of the socialite withinRefined yet modern, pared down yet deluxe; Fiona Cibani’s Ports 1961 FW2013 Collection captures the spirit of Lee Radziwill, timeless and elegant, like the women herself.
 The men’s collection is inspired by Pavel Bondarenko's sculpture of Yuri Gagarin. This towering titanium column commemorates the super-human achievement of the first man in space. Its symbolic power and determination, epitomize the spirit of the new collection. Precise, laser-like clarity drive the geometric engineering of this sartorial advanced collection.
 Suits in galactic tweed and over check chevrons are sculpted with strong shoulders. A bold color palette of slate grey, deep British racing green and cool sky blue are tied together with a base of black. Outerwear is cut with 3D panels infused into the garments to create a sartorial armor, which emulate a gladiatorial physique.Traditional pieces such as the Trench, Chesterfield, Harrington, Sailor Pea, and Hustler are all radically transformed with clever layers and mergers of details.
Hand knitted intarsia sweaters are executed with precise finesse while modern bi-color rib knits are reinvigorated with a sophisticated color palette and masculine proportions. Knitted cardigan-blazer hybrids continue as a refreshed staple of the Ports 1961 men’s collection. Signature rubber sneaker sole is infused with classic uppers in rich contrasts. Strong, 5 stacked leather soles are paired with tops in oversized double kilt loafers and stealth military boots. 

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