Qeelin @ 2013 Petite Collection

Qeelin 2013 Petite collection reinterprets Qeelin’s most potent symbols, adding a touch of whimsy and a sense of lightness. The understated yet sophisticated array of bracelets, necklaces, rings and ear studs are all affordably priced between $3,000 and $15,000, making them accessible to all aspiring style leaders.
Qeelin’s distinctive style, blending East and West, traditional and contemporary, is now instantly recognisable and many of the brand’s cherished collections have attained cult status and now has reworked some of Qeelin’s most coveted pieces in miniature.  
Among the beloved icons reworked in this inspired collection are the whimsical panda BoBo, the Chinese longevity lock Yu Yi and the sensual figure-of-eight-shaped Wulu. These age-old symbols draw inspiration from China’s ancient culture, calling forth cherished attributes such as peace, friendship, love, abundance and protection from harm.
Time-honoured symbolism blends seamlessly with modern aesthetics, giving rise to chic jewellery that lends a touch of elegance to every day. Individuality is a long-standing hallmark of the Qeelin ethos, and the Petite collection proudly celebrates this spirit. Pieces can be mixed and matched, worn alone or in combination with other pieces for a look that expresses the distinctive flair of the wearer.
The collection is accompanied by a Style Book, giving fans a tantalising glimpse of the beautiful trinkets and how they can be worn. The evocative images convey the easy elegance of the pieces, featuring alongside new poetry in reference to the underlying inspiration. Small but potent, the stunning jewellery of the Petite Collection speaks volumes.

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