Jean Paul Gaultier New Fragrance @ Classique & Le Male Summer Limited Editions

Jean Paul Gaultier New Fragrance Classique & Le Male Summer Limited Editions wants you to feel Gaultier under your skins! This summer, Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances are focusing on one of Couture's foundations: TATTOOS. By combining this popular form of body art with fashion codes, JPG is setting the scene for a rebellious act which has become his signature, a sign of belonging to "his family". The legendary couple, "Classique" and "Le Male" take us on a journey into the world of JPG tattooed with carp, birds and flowers. “Fragrance is the first garment on the skin, tattoos adorn it like precious embroidery.” Said Jean Paul Gaultier.
<Le Male> is an intense sensation of invigorating and stimulating freshness, which is instantly noticeable when it is sprayed on. The fresh and aromatic notes of lavender, mint and cardamom are accentuated. Green notes of cut grass and leaves reassert themselves. Finally, the base notes of vanilla, musk and sandalwood remain unchanged. On "Le Male", eagle's wings are calligraphed upon its torso, defining the shapes of his prominent muscles. The tattoo gradually fades into the arch of his lower back and allows the fragrance to take its rightful place.
<Classique> rose flirts with orange blossom are brightened with a touch of Sicilian clementine. Sambac jasmine, ylang-ylang, woody lily-of-the-valley and white iris form a bouquet of pure flowers.  A blend of vanilla absolute, fresh musk and vegetal amber are heady. The "Classique" bottle is adorned with enchanting and imaginary creatures which wrap themselves around its curves, giving glimpses of the freshness of the fragrance from the moment the gaze falls beyond the bust.

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