MONKI @ Summer 2013 Ad Campaign

Monki Summer 2013 major image ad campaign starring the brand’s fans rather than professional models. The campaign for the summer collection was shot by Erik Wåhlström in Palm Springs, and features a gang of four friends, local young women with lots of personality and great sense of style. “Working with ‘real people’ feels very right for Monki,” explains Monki brand and marketing manager Eleonore Nygårds. “We’ve been doing it for ages in our other channels, so when we found Brea, Megan, Alicia and Monica, we just knew it was going to be the perfect opportunity to have real girls fronting a whole campaign. Monki is all about boosting young women and supporting their self-expression, and friendship is very important to us, and to them. To have four real friends who are so full of creativity and fun in our campaign is great, and we hope we’ll be able to find more exciting people to work with in the future.” 
The summer collection is a symphony in cool blue and white, full of gorgeous in-house designed mosaic and ikat prints, as well as Monki’s own colourful and flattering swimwear. “This collection is about global inspiration,” says Monki Head of Design Tallulah Topac. “It is about clean living, mindfulness and a deep appreciation for the mysteries of life - combined with lots of Monki playfulness in the prints and the silhouettes.”
The campaign will be featured on Monki’s redesigned homepage, which will go live in early April. The look and feel of the site has been completely revamped, and the webshop has been given a facelift.
“We’re a brand that’s constantly growing and changing, and we felt it was important to make sure that the site reflects who we are right now,” says Eleonore Nygårds. “Monki is all about providing an outstanding experience for the customer, so it’s important that our online presence is as awesome as our stores, and our magazine, and our events!”

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