EECO @ SS2013 Collection

ECCO SS2013 colllection comes in three distinct trend themes: <Northern Light>, <Clean Cut> and <Rebel Nature>. Three fashion statements that embody Scandinavian summer living and engage the senses. The details and simplicity of the design reveal their creator’s longing for Scandinavian summer as Niki Tæstesen invites you on a guided tour, introducing you to Scandi-cool foot fashion. Expose your senses to the soft shades of light, the eye-pleasing blossoming flora, the spicy aroma of leather, and the characteristic buzz of summer activities that plays like pop music to the ears. 
The collection features moderately high heels, moccasins, espadrilles, ballerinas and peep toes on plateau constructions for festive occasions. Shades range from sun-faded pastels like white, rose, emerald, and dusty grey to power hues like blue, orange, and particularly yellow. The collection also incorporates earthy, rough tones like lion and grey.
The <Northern Light> collection prepares you for all of summer’s happy moments, Scandinavian-style. Whether it’s cycling, urban window-shopping in search of the latest fashions from the north, enjoying the smell of fur trees on forest walks, or strolling on the beach to take in the high sky and windy coast, ECCO prepares you to enjoy it all in style. With its relaxed yet elegant vibe, the collection is the epitome of Scandinavian leisure fashion, coupling a sensual aesthetic with technical modernity. Colors are sun-faded pastels like white, rose, emerald and dusty grey, and details are hand-made.
<Clean Cut> references a variety of retro fashion eras. Among them is the Pan Am époque, represented by the period drama about the pilots and flight attendants inviting you to explore the World in the most glamorous way. The legendary cast gave rise to plenty of fashion classics: think pillbox hats, pencil skirts and waist-cut jackets. The hippie movement also exerted a strong influence on ladies’ clothing style, and we will once again see its bright, unapologetic colors and tones take center stage. It’s no surprise that splashes of primary colors and graphic details on peep-toe, high-heeled stilettos with plateau constructions are key to this trend’s visual vocabulary. Clean Cut is spunky yet polished elegance with a sophisticated edge, fusing smooth attitudes, sharp lines, and a touch of exclusivity. 
<Rebel Nature> pays tribute to everyone’s favorite outcast. The look caters to rebellious types whose style is rough and dirty, but not without a soft, natural touch. Forces of nature add a rustic edge with references to work wear, and handcrafted elements lend an industrial vintage angle. Created to suit the feet of any rocker type character dressed in beat-up denim and known for the adventurous frontier mentality of the prairie. This part of the collection features cognac, dark clay, and black hues. 

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