BIOTHERM Innovation @ Celluli Eraser

BIOTHERM Innovation Celluli Eraser anti-cellulite visible results last for 1 month, after a month of daily application. With a visible cellulite reducer: -26% reduction in cellulite aspect after just 4 weeks. The key active ingredient is Coralline extract, a marine algae extract deployed by Biotherm. Together with pure caffeine, Coralline extract encourages fat degradation, while simultaneously preventing the formation of new fat storage cells. The Celluli Eraser’s results last for at least one month after final application of the product. To meet the high expectations of the body care, there are numerous standards for proven, visible results, Celluli Eraser faced a series of tests, including the clinical grading of cellulite aspect, the Twistometer to assess biomechanical properties of the skin plus straightforward hip and thigh centimetric measurements. Given its prevalence and its stubborn persistence, cellulite is one skin concern which dominates the conversation about body hang-ups. Characterized by areas of induration (swelling that can be felt) which give the skin its’ so-called ‘orange peel’ appearance, cellulite persists because new fat cells are continuously created. To target cellulite, which mostly occurs on the hips, thighs and buttocks, these new cells must be prevented from self-generating. Biotherm’s biologists have selected a next generation marine active, which together with an extract of pure caffeine, tackles cellulite by inhibiting this self-generation process, helping to block the formation of new fat cells for long lasting effectiveness: Coralline algae extract.

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