Aimer @ SS2013 Beach Couture

Aimer launched its Summer 2013 Swimwear and get ready for a beach fashion prom by injecting the elements of evening gowns into the designs of swimwear. The contemporary ladies are filled with confidence and exude charm every moment; it’s a must to show the best in the public each and every single second.
 This season, Aimer plays with monochrome palette and finest details in three collections to create a unique yet simple style for this vivid summer. Designed with embroidery patterns, decorative lace and glossy fabric, the Lace Sensation and Stunning Allure collections present the delicacy of the unique Beach Couture. Designer pays meticulous attention to the cutting as well as the contrast of white upper and black bottom that highlights a firmer chest line to the silhouette. The combination of halter-neck design and hollow cutout waist illustrates your perfect bodyline. Swarovski crystals and lace edges closely cover the waist and chest curves to create a looming silhouette, adding a mysterious and elegant touch to the feminine glamour.
The Monochrome Chic Collection also plays with monotone palette to reveal a relaxing leisure style. Bikini, skirt-style one piece and strapless jumpsuit in monotone patterns uncover a chic and elegant style.
The Baroque Grandeur Collection is filled with classic patterns and modern colors, combining traditional European charm with modern design to create an elegant yet sexy appearance. This collection is made of the finest warp knitting fabric for its high elasticity that gives a soft touch to the skin. The visual effect of iconic patterns creates a slimmer silhouette and adds a luxurious touch to the design. One piece, bikini and see-through beach dress are available in blue and pink colors.
 The Shimmering Blue ripping sea surface in a sizzling hot summer is always relaxing. The glittering embroideries in Summer Dazzling Collection look like the shimmering sunshine over the clear blue ocean. One-piece, bikini and loose-fit beach dress, this refreshing collection also brings along the seductive X-style one piece with deep-V cutting and drape details at the front chest that shape out your perfect bodyline.
Bright colors play a major role in this vivid summer. Aimer's Geometric Play, Summer Beach Fun, Elegance in Pattern and Jungle Adventure collections all come in various bright colors to light up the summer fun.

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