Hermès SS2013 Accessories Presentation

Hermès SS2013 Accessories Presentation was inspired by the Hermès annual theme - A Sporting Life. By "Sporting" it means sport in Hermès way.
Hermès Sport is all about comfort and elegance, it celebrates the heady pleasure of play and magnifies the beauty of the moving body. The whole presentation was divided into 8 areas.
Tennis (Bag & Scarf)
Golf (Men's & Sporting Shoes including Kelly Golf/Birkin Sailor that inspired by the Sailor Bag)
Equestrian (Men's Tie & Scarf)
The Picnic (Maison - The Picnic Set and Beach Mat)
Swimming (Swimwear & Women's Shoes)
Gymnastic (Swimwear & Women's shoes)
Archery (Fashion Accessories & Jewellery)
Mini Game & Catering Areas (Tableware - Rallye 24)

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