AESOP X Marimekko @ Sauna Duet

Aesop and Finnish design fashion house Marimekko have recently launched a new collaboration inspired by the rituals of Scandinavian bathing culture. The Aesop-Marimekko Sauna Duet comprises a body scrub and body balm containing richly aromatic essential oils of Fir Needle, Sage Leaf and Pine Needle, and purifying ingredients to help detoxify the skin. It merges Marimekko’s Finnish roots and references to Finnish nature with Aesop’s expertise in plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients of the highest quality; and celebrates the healthy, balanced life for which both brands are advocates. Aesop-Marimekko Sauna Body Scrub utilises fine-milled Pumice and Bamboo Stem extract to effect gentle mechanical exfoliation that cleanses the skin and leaves it polished and supple. Sauna Body Balm includes Vitamins E, F, D and Provitamin A, and botanical extracts selected for their moisturising and softening properties.These distinctive products are packaged in recyclable plastic jars and offered in a dedicated cotton bag featuring Marimekko’s ‘Vellamo’ print. Designed for Marimekko by Maija Louekari, the pattern is an interpretation of moving water inspired by the Finnish national epic Kalevala. The Aesop-Marimekko Sauna Duet avialable at Aesop signature stores and Marimekko stores worldwide. For details, visit www.aesop.com and www.marimekko.com 

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