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Elizabeth Arden introduces Visible Whitening, a breakthrough regimen-based skincare collection that, controls melanin production at all five stages, while also enhancing skin’s ability to reflect light. The result? Skin is exfoliated, pores look minimized, light reflectivity is improved and there is decreased appearance of melanin on the skin’s surface. In fact, 93% of women showed an immediate clinical improvement in skin brightness, radiance, tone and texture.The Visible Whitening comprehensive skincare line leverages the brand’s 100 years of product innovation, scientific research and face-to-face spa experience for visibly whiter, brighter and more radiant looking skin.
 Biological and environmental factors such as aging, hormones, inflammation and exposure to UV rays can produce excess melanin, leaving skin darker in tone. At the same time, environmental factors can decrease collagen and elastin and increase pore size, leaving skin thin and rough. As a result, light reflectivity is reduced and skin loses its vibrant, healthy glow. To combat both issues, Research & Development at Elizabeth Arden has created Visible Whitening System technology, a scientific approach that utilizes a complex symphony of ingredients to address the visible effects of lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone including minimizing the look of hyper-pigmentation and maximizing skin’s radiance.
The Visible Whitening regimen features innovative ingredients including vitamin C derivativesand SpectraBrightTM, a potent botanical Hops extract that originated from France and acts on signal reaction from UV light and melanosome transportation, to prevent melanin production. With ingredients like  licorice root extract, Vitamin C derivatives and SpectraBrightTM, the Visible Whitening System technology counteracts melanin production at all five stages:
1) Signal reaction from UV light
2) Tyrosinase synthesis\
3) Melanosome formation
4) Melanin transportation
5) Deposition of melanin
“When we began thinking about this line, we really examined how best to formulate each product to get the most efficacious whitening results,” says Art Pellegrino, Vice President of Research and Development, Elizabeth Arden. “What we discovered is that it is best to individually design each product to ensure efficacy.”

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