PAUL SMITH For David Bowie @ ‘The Next Day’ Exclusive T-shirt

Paul Smith designed a very special T-shirt to celebrate the release of Bowie’s much-anticipated and critically lauded new album <The Next Day> released recently. Throughout their illustrious careers at the forefront of fashion and music, Paul and David have been long-time friends, combining their exceptional style, the artwork for  The Next Day are be printed on organic cotton, complimented by simple ‘Paul Smith for David Bowie’ insignia.
The artwork designed by Jonathan Barnbrook is itself a nod to Bowie’s iconic ‘Heroes’ album cover, which was photographed by Masayoshi Sukita, a friend of Paul Smith and recent exhibitor at Paul Smith’s Space gallery in Tokyo. “David Bowie has worn a lot of Paul Smith throughout his career and I was excited and delighted when asked if I would do the official T-Shirt for his album The Next Day. They’ll also be some other great things coming up later in the year. Available on various sizes while stock last. 

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